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A library "Book" represents a desired health state.


The purpose of OHDSI's Gold Standard Phenotype Library is to enable members of the OHDSI community to find, evaluate, and utilize community-validated cohort definitions for research and other activities. The phenotypes which reside in this library are “Gold Standard” definitions, which means that the entries are:

  • Designed with the best practices
  • Evaluated with the best practices
  • Documented with the best practices

In general, no phenotype entries are excluded as long as these “Gold Standard Processess” were followed; a judgment about what qualifies as “good” or “poor” performance is situational and is therefore left up to the user.


This application, PhenoPipe, is designed to get you to the Gold Standard phenotype as quickly as possible. In the Find tab, search for the phenotype you're looking for, subject to filters which qualify the construction and performance characteristics that you find acceptable. Inspect all of your selections to compare/contrast them and review their purposes and user stories. Finally, Export the phenotype in a format of your choice to proceed with your implementation.

Gold Standard Criteria

To Do: Fill this part in with the precise standards the WG agrees to.