Authors Justin Bohn, James P. Gilbert, Christopher Knoll, David M. Kern, and Patrick B. Ryan

This utility is designed to aid the selection of comparators in active comparator new user cohort studies. For further details please refer to the pre-print of our manuscript, or our poster at the 2022 OHDSI Symposium. However, please note that due to regular updates to the data sources used in this application, some results found in these links may differ slightly from content found here.

To preseve patient privacy and ensure robust similarity estimation, available exposure cohorts are limited to those with 1,000 or more subjects. In addition, covariates with prevalance below 1% are omitted from similarity calculations and their prevalence values are masked in the diagnostic tables. If you feel any information in this utility may inadvertantly compromise patient privacy, please contact the authors.

This tool was developed as part of the REWARD initiative at Janssen Research & Development.

Please report bugs via GitHub .

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