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A standardized pipeline for reliable and rapid development and validation of COVID-19 prediction models using observational data

Development Status: Under Development


This shiny application contains the results of the study developing prediction models for the problem “In patients hospitalized with COVID-19, what is the risk of death within 30 days?”.

The target population is patients aged 18 or older who have an inpatient or ER visit and a diagnosis or positive test for COVID-19.

During manuscript development and the subsequent review period, these results are considered under embargo and should not be disclosed without explicit permission and consent from the authors.

Below are links for study-related artifacts that have been made available as part of this study:

Protocol: link


Below is the abstract of the manuscript that summarizes the findings:





Study Packages

  • Study design: Here
  • Model development: Here
  • Model validation: Here

Data Information

The following databases were used in this study:

Database Name Country Type Years

| OptumClaims | Optum® De-Identified Clinformatic Data Mart Database – Date of Death (DOD)     | USA     | Claims     | 2000-2020 | | HIRA     | Health Insurance and Review Assessment     | Korea     | Claims | 2013-2020 | | SIDIAP     | The Information System for Research in Primary Care (SIDIAP)     | Spain     | GP | 2006-2020 | | optumEhr     | Optum® de-identified Electronic Health Record Dataset     | USA | EHR     | 2006-2020 | |

All databases obtained IRB approval or used deidentified data that was considered exempt from IRB approval.


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