Long term outcomes of prostate cancer patients undergoing non-interventional management

PLEASE NOTE: All results are preliminary and subject to change

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These results are being shared as part of PIONEER’s, EHDEN’s and OHDSI’s open science community efforts to characterize the natural history of prostate cancer patients treated with non-interventional management. Synthesis of the results and interpretation of the findings is underway and manuscripts are being prepared. All manuscripts must be reviewed and approved by all co-authors and data partner contributors prior to submission. Until final publication, all results are to be considered preliminary and subject to change, and may only be used under the terms of use of the respective data partner contributors. See also the Information for Participants in the studyathon Teams environment.



  • The study protocol is available here
  • All analytic code is available at GitHub

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Change Log

Change Log

2021-Mar-11: Initial Release

Initial results provided from 8 databases.

2021-Mar-18: Data Update

Now showing results from 10 databases for task #3.

2021-Apr-06: Data Update and Correction

Now showing task #3 results from 8 databases with correct time-to-event data.

2021-Apr-30: Data Update and Correction

Now showing pre-task #4 results from 7 databases

2021-Jul-15: Adding task #5 results & bug fixes

Now shoing results for task #5 for 5 databases. Some bug fixed from the previous version.